New Years Cheapness

Cheapness this new year...  Oh my!

Well I am not 100% cheap in this blog but it comes pretty close!  I bought several things on sale or I returned an item to get the next one.  

So here we go:

Product #1
Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette:  In the Dark
Price:  $30.00 USD

(without flash)

(with flash)

I bought this because I saw a Lancome palette that had a dark blue color in it.  I had forgotten I had already purchased the Wet N' Wild palette that had a dark blu color in it.  I could have saved $30.00 USD.  I noticed Sephora doesn't give you the same price back of the product that you purchased.  I think I'll go with Ulta from now on because of that.  I have to admit htat I don't have these colors, other than the dark blue, in any other palettes I own.  I was excited to try the dark blue and found it very nice to use.  I used the E.L.F. eye liner as a base for the color and it was very nice. 

The colors were nice and stayed on very a long time.  The down fall was that it has a lot of fall out.  When I brushed the color, tons of the color sprayed out all over the palette.  I guess using a wipe or damp paper towel to clean up the fall out is the best way to keep the palette clean.  Other than that, that is the only down fall with this palette.  I noticed that's a big problem with baked eye colors.  I heard from a person on youtube, that was their complaint on a baked palette they got from CVS.
If there was another palette that I liked from Sephora, I might buy it.  I am running out of room in my house with all the makeup products I've bought!  I will have to return or throw away old items!

Product #2
E.L.F. Eye Liner in Midnight
Purchse: or or local Target Store
Price:  $3.00 USD

I haven't used alot of E.L.F products but I've been watching on youtube so many people use a few E.L.F. products as a dupe or just because they're on a tight budget.  I found this eye liner as a great idea for a base for my dark blue eye shadow.  It went on really nice but a little too light.  It took a couple of applications to get it dark enough.

It helped keep the eye shadow on and not crease, a great dupe for expensive eye liners or the Mac Paint Pot colors.  I was very impressed with it.  I didn't like the brush it came with, not stiff enough, but it's nice to have for other projects. 

Yes I'd buy more colors from E.L.F. when they're available.

Product #3
E.L.F. Shine Eraser
Purchase: or or Local Target
Price:  $1.00 USD

Since I am so oily I need oil blotting sheets all the time.  I had some from Victoria's secret but I haven't been able to find them recetly.  That's okay because there others out there.  The down fall is how expensive they are when there are so few in a packet.  I saw these when I was in Target and decided for $1.00 USD I wouldn't feel bad if it wasn't that great in absorbing my oil.

Verdict:  It did fairly well for the price!  I have to put it in my purse but I found it did the job just as well as the more expensive products.  I am well pleased with this product and will probably buy it again when I run out.

Product #4
NYX Cream Eyeshadow Palette:  Royal Violets
Price:  $3.48 SALE

I saw this in Hot Topic on sale.  It looked like someone smudged it but for clearance, that's what to expect.  I haven't tried it but it looks like a fun product to work with.  I'll post a photo of it soon when I do an eye shadow this weekend.

Product #5
L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow:  Midnight Blue
Purchase:  Local Drug Store
Price:  $7.50


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