IPSY Glam Bags

If you haven't heard of Michelle Phan from youtube, you need to drag yourself out from under the rock you've been hiding under.  She is one of the most famous make up gurus on youtube.  I really find that she does some fun tutorials but she's more focused on her business than she is on youtube lately.

One fun thing I do enjoy about Michelle is that she started IPSY Glam Bags.  I thought it would be fun to try these bags out.  Here's the break down:

1.  Once a month you get a small bag of different beauty products.  The products will be determined by the way you answer a quiz through the website.  It's not difficult and actually a bit fun.

2.  Your bag will come to you in a bright pink bubble wrapper envelop.  I actually look forward to having this in my P.O. Box!  It's a bit exciting to find out what I'll get that month.  In each pink envelop there is a cute makeup bag.  Well, not always cute.  Some I found were a bit ugly.  This month's was much more appealing than some of the other months.  My first month back in September was pretty nice looking.  I also had a cute bag that had stars on it.

3.  You will get a small makeup bag of five different items.  These items will range from nail polish, lip products, face products, eye shadows, and anything else.

4.  Sizes are not one time use sample size.  Some products are full sized or nearly full sized, like lip products or eye shadows.   This is great since it takes several times to use the product to see if you really like it.  Sometimes you'll only use it once and really hate or love it.  Others you'll have to work with them to see if you enjoy it or not.  I feel this is nicer to get a small bag of products to try instead of spending a lot of money each month to try something new.

5.  It is about $10.00 USD a month.  You do have to pay up front for a full year.  It seems a bit much but I paid $110.00 for a full year plus one additional month.  So I got 13 months for $110.00 USD.  I feel this was a decent amount of money to spend on small sized makeup that I can use up or toss if I don't like it.  I also can give away a product or two to girls at work or my family if I don't like it.

My one nay on this is that even after doing the quiz to get the correct types of products, I get some things that don't really help me, like perfume.  I told the quiz, I hate perfume.  A couple of months ago I got a perfume.  I only use body splashes or very seldom I use a perfume I picked out that I really do like on me.  Perfume is a very personal thing to give and if someone isn't really used to it, it's not good...  So I gave it away to my sister.

I recently got a hair product that will add volume to my hair.  As I've written before, I've had to get straight perms.  I don't need extra volume to my head!  My hair alone is fluffy enough to make a statement.  So I gave that to my sister as well.  Where she lives, the water is very soft and her hair goes flat easily so she can use it.

I was reading other reviews on the same products I had gotten.  Other people were disappointed that they kept getting only neutral shades of eye shadows.  I have noticed I've had the same issue except once I got a purple shadow that I didn't really care for.  But other colors would be fun to use for a change to intergrate with my other eye shadows.

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