Baby Face BB Cream and Pore Powder

I have changed the kind of BB Cream I've used since I last blogged about which brand I used.  I've tried dozens and dozens of different brands.  I have settled with Baby Face for the bottled version and another from Missha, which is a compact.  But today I am writing about the Baby Face brand.

I found it on accident when a beauty store had it on sale in my local H-Mart, Korean grocery store, and really love it.  It's nice and light.  It covers my face well and I use a bit of concealer to cover my awful dark circles and any imperfections.

This brand isn't very expensive.  I believe the BB Cream was about $12.00 USD and the powder was about $10.00 USD.  It's fairly inexpensive but of course buying a lot of products together will get pricey.  I did like the pore powder too.  It is white but blends well.  I am fair skinned so it could just be because of my skin tone.  When I'm not using my Missha BB Cream I use this.  But even with the Missha BB Cream compact, I still use the Baby Face Pore Powder.

These products are small and compact.  I feel that I get quality in these products and they don't make my skin break out.  So these are worth my time to drive several cities over to buy them from my local H-Mart.  Or buy them on

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