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I've always been told to remove my make-up when I go to bed.  I've read article after article to remove it.  I've always felt that with oily skin you are more prone to wash it off instead of leaving it on.  I've always wanted to wash my face before bedtime.  It feels much better to sleep with a clean face.  There have been times when I was in college and didn't wash my face but on a general whole, I always wash my face before bed time.  It ranks up there with brushing my teeth at least twice or more times a day.

Anyways I've been looking for a good remover that wasn't something expensive like the Lancome make-up remover I love so much.  I can't see myself purchasing something that is over $20.00 USD when I need to replace it.  I need to actually use it up but I am loving my drug store brands.  They're awesome!  I actually found them on accident when I was in a Walgreens.  I wasn't looking for them but I noticed them and decided it would be good to try these.

Garnier has come out with two different Micellar Cleansing Waters.  I got both.  I didn't know the difference until I read the back labels.  I read that one needs to be shaken up.  The products don't contain oil, which is good for many people.  I can't use products with certain chemicals or oils in them.  I found that these cleansing oils are great because they're not greasy but remove my makeup and leave my face feeling a lot cleaner.  You can't just wash your makeup off with your soap and water.  I noticed that I'd have a mild amount of make-up still on my face after I washed it then used a cleanser.  This was very disappointing.  That meant that my soap wasn't doing enough for me.  I use the cleanser BEFORE I wash my face, this way it gets all the make-up off my skin.

I did have to buy some cotton pads to use the product but it was well worth it.  I prefer the one with needs to be shaken.  I like both products equally but I prefer one over the other.  They're very simple to use and don't bother my sensitive skin.  Also you aren't sitting there rubbing your face harshly with the cotton pad.  The makeup glides off easily.  If you choose to go over your skin again with a fresh cotton pad, your skin won't feel abused from being rubbed previously.  I was excited and use this any time I wear makeup.

Even my mascara comes off easily with these products.  It doesn't give me the raccoon eyes that are so hated.  I dislike when I forget to do the cleaning water before I wash my face.  The mascara will run and then I remember I forgot to do the cleaning water.  So I go back and use it and find that it still picks up the left overs.

These products are about $7.00 USD in the local drug stores.  I found this is much less expensive than my beloved Lancome make-up remover.  That product is great but I can't feature to spend that much when I can find another product for a fraction of the price that works just as well and makes me happier by not spending so much!

When you get the chance, please check out this product and try for yourself.

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