At Long Last!

It seems that it's been a hot minute since I was able to sit down and blog...  I spent a lot of my summer and the early start of the fall season working, a lot.  At work we're down about four people and two new people in training.  However, this means if anyone takes vacation time or calls in sick, we're working to cover their spot.  It's been crazy and I've spent majority time of my days off working.  I try not to but it's been difficult to say no to the over time.  Once we're fully staffed, there won't be any time to work extra.  So if I wanted any extra money I'd have to consider doing a second job.  So right now I am banking all my extra hours at work as compensation time.  Not many jobs offer this anymore but I really like it.  If I ever leave and I have left over compensation time, another check will be cut to me for that time I've banked.  We can have up to 240 hours banked.  Once you've reached that amount, you can only take money for your overtime.

So, while I'm working extra hours I haven't been able to try new products or forget that I have and don't have time to blog.  Once I get home I want to relax, I don't want to blog.  I spend all day typing and looking at computers for work so I want to do something FUN.  This boring adulting thing is really getting old but once it's all done I'll be a happier person.

So my current goal is to get about 150 hours of the compensation time.  I'm almost at that goal.  But I think the best thing since the holidays are coming up, is to keep going over the 150 hours and attempt for 240 hours of compensation time while I can.  I had always done money but taking time off twice a year and some random days through out has cost me.  So I am going to bank as much compensation time as possible.  Then after I reach 240 hours I'll do money.

We also got a 2% pay raise and I also got a small increase for topping out on our scale's education at work!  That means a little extra money.  As one of my coworkers joke, it's extra beer money!  Though I don't drink beer, I feel these small increments will help with saving more money.

I was doing some selling on but had to quit since it was taking up too much of my time and money that I wasn't able to save up.  I've broken down my savings account with CaptialOne360 and have it listed out in what I want to save for.  I need to rebuild those savings accounts and FAST!  I've already got money saved for the holidays but I need to make sure I don't spend too much.  So quitting my amazon gig was the best thing for me.  It does make a lot of extra money however it's a rough start.  I think focusing my time and saving my money for myself right now I can achieve the goals I want and after the new year I will go back to selling on amazon.

So that's my update for this week, check back and I will post on my facebook page about new blogs coming out!

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