Naked Palette 3

I bought the Naked Palette 3 about two years ago.  I had this entry as a draft for TWO years.  WHY?!  Because I got really lazy and busy with work.  I used to have a lot of time to blog but then I had a change in my work schedule.  I didn't feel like blogging much because I was so tired.  I also didn't buy a lot of new products to blog about.

So onto the product.  This Naked 3 palette is really different from the previous two.  This one isn't neutral or smoke colors. The colors are more rosy, pinky colored.  I really liked it.  I feel the colors are great and it's Urban Decay.

I can't say if I had darker skin color it might be harder to use some of the neutral colors.  I'm really pale so the colors look great on me.  I like how each palette is a different color scheme but I dislike how expensive they are.  The original Naked palette was $50.00 USD.  Now they're $52.00 USD.  I feel that inflation is really starting to show.  But if you like a good brand and a large color selection, the Nake palettes are good to go to.

I try to bring the palettes with me when I travel so I can use them.  Or when I go out I try to use different palettes because I own a lot of eye shadow palettes.  I really do need to use them up and make room for new ones.  I have three shoe box sized plastic boxes filled with eye shadows and palettes.  I just bought a new one too.

But yes, this is worth it's $52.00 or $53.00 USD.  You can mix and match the colors with other eye shadows you own and the product is good.  I don't like bad products, I like products I can be happy to post about.  This is one of them.  Also you get a great brush.  I don't like the dual ends but the bristles are amazing and work well.

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