Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish

So some time last year I was really frustrated with painting my nails because my polish will chip, the very next day.  Who else is like this?...  I am sure there are plenty of you out there who will have chips immediately after painting them.

I heard about gel polish but I also heard it ruined your nails.  I don't really enjoy ruining my nails.  I also read that the gel being set with a light are bad for your skin.  Mostly you're suntanning your nails.  Yes, I want to spend more money to ruin more of my skin.  *insert very sarcastic tone*  No, I hate ruining my skin.  So I saw a few different gel top coats from Sally Hansen and Essie.

This week is Sally Hansen.  I bought a few different colors of the special gel colors and one bottle of the top coat.  I have to say it lasted about four days.  This is good for me because I am very tough on my nails.  I type a lot for work and also I wash dishes by hand through the week.  I also take bioton, which is good for your skin, hair, and nails.  I started taking this when I accidentally weakened my nails when I painted my nails too many times and removed the polish.  This was a very sad sad thing for me!  I was so frustrated.  So onto Sally Hanesn Gel polish

I bought this polish first, then the Essie top coat later, which can be used on ANY Essie polish.  That is the only down fall that I noticed in the Sally Hansen gel polish, it needs to be used with the other gel colors for the gel top coat to work out best.  You can use the gel top coat with any other brand or other Sally Hansen colors.  I would recommend to use the gel colors to get the longest manicure.

The awesome thing about these no light gel polishes is that removing the polish is the same as using normal nail polish.  I find this very convenient since I bought that tub of gel nail polish remover.  So I don't feel like I'm buying two different nail polish removers and nail polishes and lights and a lot more junk.

My two complaints is that this gel top coat doesn't last as long as the Essie brand one AND for the gel to really work, is to use ONLY the Sally Hansen gel colors.  Likes I mentioned before Essie gel top coat is for ANY Essie color.  But in all, it was a great one for me to try out and enjoy.

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