Beauty Product Selection #3

All about eyes...

Today's selection is all about eyes, especially the lashes!  I had struggled in finding a good mascara that I liked that did not tear up my lashes.  I tried nearly all the drug store brand mascaras once and ended up not liking any of them and had to throw them all away.

Finally I decided it was time to find a good mascara that I liked, even if it was more expensive than $10.00 USD.  I watched one of Michelle Phan's youtube videos about mascara.  I two of the Lancome mascaras that were popular and I love both of them...  They're pricier however, my lashes actually grew in thicker and nicer!  Way to go Lancome.

I found two drug store brand mascaras I like so far and use them combined with one of the Lancome mascaras.  :) It makes my lashes look fuller and longer.  Yes cheating with mascara is great fun!

And who knew double eye lid tape could help so much!  I love it but I don't recommend using it every day since it may pull on your skin too much.  Today I used it, I had a date this evening and no the date didn't go so well, and am going to take it off but I will post a photo of what it looked like with the eye lid tape and the mascaras I used.

Product #1  
Lancome Paris Definicils Precious Cells
Purchase:  Lancome Counters or
Price:  $ 29.50 at Lancome and various prices on

Why do I like this mascara so much?  It's amazing in how it covers all your lashes, if you go slowly and carefully.  I also like how it doesn't leave the lashes brittle and drying.  I had a lot of my lashes fall out and break with the water proof mascaras.  It did so much damage to them I had to stop wearing mascara for awhile.  I finally chose this because it was suppose to be good for bad lashes.  I loved it.  I will put this mascara on before I layer on another one.  I found my lashes survive so much better using this first.

Product #2
Lancome Paris Hypnose Doll Lashes
Price:  $ 17.99-26.00 USD

This Lancome mascara is really nice.  It makes your lashes very visible and thicker looking.  What I don't really care for is how much product comes out of the tube and on the wand.  It comes out thick even when you first buy the product.  To remedy this issue, I simply take a clean spoolie brush and run it through my lashes after I apply the product.  I do enjoy this mascara because again it doesn't damage my lashes!

Product #3
Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof
Purchase: or local drug stores
Price:  $5.99-6.99 USD

What do I like about this product?  This actually goes on similar to the Lancome Doll Lash and even covers the lashes very much the same.  I may even go as far as saying this could be a dupe for the Doll Lash only you can get it in waterproof.  I'm impressed with the waterproof in how well it stays on.  It's difficult to get off but a little olive oil works.  The price is good too but I still feel that it dries out my lashes.  I still put the Lancome Definicils Previous Cells mascara on first. 

Product #4
Maybelline The Mega Plus Volum' Express Waterproof
Purchase: or local drug stores
Price:  $5.99-11.99 USD

I like the way the mascara goes on.  It doesn't coat the lashes too much but I find the wand difficult to use.  I like the product but since the wand bends in the middle, it makes it hard to have a firm grip on the lashes.  I may be using it incorrectly but I like that I can build up the product instead of being overwhelmed with too much mascara.  The waterproof is also nice and stays on.  It is a little drying too but again olive oil is my friend.  

Product #5
Secret Magic:  Double Sided Eye Lid Tape
Purchase: or Asian beauty stores
Price:  $7.20 USD

I am not a fan of using eye lid tape since it can stretch out your skin and you will end up needing surgery later in life.  I found this on a whim at the Korean market.  I bought it because I wanted to try the double sided tape.  The single sided tape always looked so obvious and well funny.  You can't really apply make up over this since both sides are sticky.  Well I tried it anyways and it worked out, okay-ish?....  I did like how the tape stayed on and putting it on wasn't too difficult.  It does take some practice to put on the tape, just like putting on eye liner.  

One thing about eye lid tape is that you have to look at where your own crease is and make sure you don't make too many extra creases or you'll get some funny bumps in your eye lid and it won't be comfortable, at all!  I sadly did that a couple of weeks ago when I was trying this product out for the second time.  I laughed at myself as I saw triple folds.  My eyes already fold 1.5 times but it doesn't look right when one eye has two folds and the other has only one for that particular day.  Hello un-even eyes!  It doesn't cover enough of my eye, maybe because my eye lids are so wide?, so I'd like to try tape that's much longer and see how I like it.  

Over all this mish-mash of products I really do like.  I think most of the products I'll be posting for right now are ones that I do like.  I can't think of anything that I haven't enjoyed lately.  It could always be that I'm trying to be positive and think of the good since often times we are bombarded with negative thoughts and conclusions from work or home.   But I like to give a product a few goes to see how I like it, plus it gives you time to "adjust" to using it, and well maybe I can make it work for me.

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  1. What a great idea ... Combining mascaras! I'd never thought of that ... I'll be trying it this week. Thanks! I'm a fan of Benefit's BadGal Lash. It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes, stays put, and makes my lashes look extra long.


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