Beauty Products Selection #1

So you read my previous post right?  A friend of mine had suggested I do something about how much I like makeup and giving opinions about stuff like this. 

Today's opinions are five (5) products that I have been using for awhile.  Awhile is used slightly loosely since I am in the process of finding the perfect BB Cream that I want to use.  I have used the products more than twice because you have to use a products several times to really see how it really holds up to different situations.  These products are the first few that I had bought earlier this year and I have wanted to write about for awhile.  There is only so much you can write on Facebook and also not everyone is paying attention to their news feed.  Who wants to scroll down and read all the new feed that you missed while you were sleeping or at work or not reading Facebook?...  *Personally that'll be me because I work odd hours and I like to keep up.*

Product #1 
IPKN Luxury Multi Make Up Finish Advanced SPF45  PA+++ or
Price:  aproximately $49.99 USD

It says on the back:
3 in 1 multi-function base of make up base, foundation and sun cream (screen)  Multi Makeup Finish Advanced helps skin recover it's appearance from daily environmental damage with platinum's nutrition and ecocert certified rose water's energy.

My first ever BB Cream I bought for my birthday because I have been DYING to try them.  I tried one from Sephora about two years ago and it was terrible!!!  The product was a funny color, it smelled odd and it felt like plastic.  *EW!!*  So this year I went to the Korean market and bought a BB Cream for $50.00 USD.  It's really sheer but very nice.  It even smells pretty!  It looks like it comes with some powder to hide the blemishes or whatever you need to hide.  I haven't used this product in a while because I'm still searching for a new BB Cream.  I did enjoy this one but found it a little too pricey for me.

Product #2
Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream SPF 30 PA ++  Whitening Wrinkle Cream or
Price:  $17.99-27.99 USD

Yet another Korean BB Cream that I found with in my price limit, $17.99 USD plus shipping and handling.  I found this BB Cream to be a little bit thicker and more coverage than the previous BB Cream mentioned.  It also ise a whitening and wrknle care cream.  I'm surprised in how nice it showed up on my skin.  I think I will also do some swatches of the product so you can see how the product looks.

The packaging says:  This product makes your skin moist as yogurt and hyaluronic acid supply moisture and nutrion.  It is a low-stimulating product since it doesn't contain the ingredient of organic ultraviolet screen.  The index of SPF 10 and PA ++ not only controls the generation of skin blemish but makes your skin bright.

Again you can find this on or  The price change at Pretty and Cute is about another $10.00 USD.  It is however good to shop at a store that will give you the correct item and also free samples!  I love that you can buy samples from Pretty and Cute for about $3.00 USD and try out several products at once. 

Product #3
Biore Cleansing Oil-in-Cotton Cloths
Price:  $7.99-22.45 USD

I saw this on Xiaxue's blog and also on her video.   It's all in Japanese on the box and the only place I could buy it from was from  It's a bit pricey, I don't use it often, but it works very well and smells really nice.  It's in a nice plastic box that keeps the wipes wet.  When I use it again, I'll show how nice it takes the make up off!  In Xiaxue's video on youtube, she shows you how well this product will remove makeup.  It will even remove double eye lid stickers! 

Product #4
L'oreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base  Face Primer/Perfectiure de Teint
Drug Stores
Price:  $5.00-13.00 USD

I have been looking for a make up primer as well.  I found this one interesting to try in the local drug store.  It can be bought in Wal-Mart as well.  I like the texture of it, smooth like moose.  It doesn't have any strange odors and a little goes a long way!  Once you moisturize your skin, this stuff will glide on.  I have very oily skin so it helps with some of the oil control but I've had the more expensive stuff that worked a little better.  Since it is a drug store product, it works fairly well.  When I run out of this product, I think I'll keep the jar to put other make up in for when I travel.  It comes in a glass jar, or at least mine did. 

Product #5
Kashuk Tool's Blending Sponge
Price:  $10.49 USD

I have read multiple reviews on how nice this works.  I read some reviews that didn't like how dense this sponge is.  It's similar to the Beauty Blender Sponge  Price:  $19.99 USD 
I understand the shapes are very different but I haven't tried the Beauty Blender Sponge yet.  The price difference I heard isn't too much but many people have said they liked the Beauty BLender better becuase it's not so dense.  I do like the denser sponge only beacuse it makes my make up look less streaky.  Either way I feel that I am saving almost $10.00 USD by not buying the Beauty Blender when I can make the Kashuk Blender Sponge work for me.  You have to be gentle when cleaning the Kashuk sponge.  I noticed how it falls apart when you scrub it too hard.  My best suggestion is to wash it at least once a week and very gentle!  I am on my second sponge since the first one fell apart after the second washing.  Over all though I bought it again because I liked how big it was and the shape.


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