Beauty Products Selection #4

I accidently deleted the previous blog but that's okay because it wasn't that good.  I am still very new at using this program.  I think I figured out how to save the blogs for future use and not have them saved as a draft.

Product #1
Ulta Eye Shadow in Bloom
Purchase at:
Price:  $7.00 USD

I "bought" this product when I was given my points reward from Ulta.  I was able to get some of smaller items since I don't buy alot of makeup from Ulta since it is a little more expensive than drug stores.  I liked the color in the pot.  I tried it out, yes I use eye shadow primer, and it didn't come out nearly as strong as I wished it would.  It was actually "whimpy" in my opinion.  I felt that since it was a free item, it wasn't terrible, could be used as a wash color on the eye lids.  I wouldn't recommend buying this particular shade.  I'd rather get something like the drug store brands like the Color Tattoo eye shadows that seem to be very popular and much more pigmented. 

Just to say:  disappointed Ulta, very disappointed....

Product #2
L'Oreal Eyeshadow Quad in Andie's Neutral
Purchase: or or your local drug store
Price:  $6.99 USD

I like getting quad colors because I feel I am getting more for my money.  Maybe I'm cheating myself or that it's just easier to use when I travel or to keep in my growing make up collection. 

I liked the colors because they're not glittery or sparkley like many other quads or sets of neutral colors.  I was excited because I found it extremely difficult to find matte colors since sparkles are very popular these days.  I was looking for something inexpensive too.  I was a bit disappointed in how difficult it was to get the actual color from the individual pot.  I got the color to come out but has a lot of fall out.  I was rather disappointed however the color itself is very good quality.  I guess that's what I get for buying a drug store brand product!

Product #3
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden
Price:  $ 20.00 USD
Purchase: or or

I purchased this awhile ago and they don't sell the product in this type of container.  Instead they sell it where you squeeze out the product.  I'm not a fan of that.  I felt I used just the right amount but I will buy this again since I do like it.  I liked how it helped the eye shadow stay on your eyes.  I had tried several other types of primers and didn't care for them as much, they were cheap drug store brands.  I will try out some other higher end primers. 

Product #4
Lanocme Glamour Eyes by Michelle Phan
Price:  $48.00 USD

This product was really cool.  I bought it around Christmas time so I don't know if they still sell this.  I was in love with the neutral colors, not too thrilled about the purple, but I bought it anyways because I got a full sized eye liner from Lancome.  I had been wanting to try it but spending $50.00 USD alone on the eye liner, no thanks.  I got two full sized products for half price PLUS a travel sized mascara.

I love the neutral colors in the eye shadow pallet.  I don't care for the purple too much but I do use the other colors often.  I love the eye liner.  I'm terrible with eye liner but this one goes on very nice and just learning to use it is the tricky part!  The mascara is a bit too wet for me.  I do like it but I tend to get too much product on the wand.  It does help my lashes though.

Would I buy more Lancom products, heck yes!  I love their products but I am not crazy about the prices.  But saving up and spending more on a better product is always nice.

Product #5
Duo Eye Lash Glue
Price:  $ 5.00-8.00
Purchase:  any drug store
Who isn't a klutz when you first learn to use false eye lashes?  I was able to get them on right the first time but after that it's been tricky.  Beginnger luck?  I dislike putting the glue on the back of my hand and wasting it.  Instead I bought this:  in a tube with a BRUSH.  It gets on the lash band/bone whatever you want to call, and you don't put on too much, if you are careful with the brush.  This glue will keep it on, as long as you do it right.  It dries invisible so no weird clumps of glue hanging out on your eye lids.  Would I buy it again, yes I would!

So, that concludes today's products of choice.  Don't forget to tell your friends to watch this blog, add me on Facebook; Mee Jung Lee--will have a Hello Kitty profile photo and leave comments for me here!  You can leave them without saying your name but I'd like to know what kind of products you want to see me try or any other positive feedback!

Until next Saturday,


  1. The eyelash glue post was great been curious about that as I have never tried false lashes but am extremely tempted and planning on it for my anniversary :)

    1. If you want to try out false eye lashes, practice before you want to use them. You may have to trim the ends, the longer lashes, down to fit your eyes. Also don't place the lashes too close to the inside of your eye, where the tear duct is, or it will irritate and hurt your eye. It may take several tries before you learn how to place them on your eyes. When you apply the glue to the lashes, wait for the glue to become tacky before you place it on your eyes. There are tons of youtube videos in showing how to put on false eye lashes. Those are the most common guide lines in putting on false lashes. Good luck!


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