Peer Pressure

Okay let's talk peer pressure...

We all remember what that was like as a teenager growing up. 
Girl #1:  Let's try these cigarettes!
Girl #2:  Yah!  I'm game!
Girl #3:  I don't know about this.  My mom told me not to smoke them.
Girl #1:  Awe, come on, don't be a party pooper.
Girl #2:  Come on, it's what all the cool kids do.
Girl #3:  *hesitant*  Okay, I guess I'll try one.
Anyone remember this situation?  My blog isn't about presure to try out any products I've tried.  I only want to post about what I've tried so if you were interested yourself to try it, you can find out how I liked it.  Yes it is all opinion based however there may be some things you will know about the product before you try it and maybe you won't buy or you will.  Opinions do help in buying a product online.  When I'm looking at wanting to buy a product on, I try to read the comments about how the other customers liked the product.  A few times I should have taken into consideration the negative comments and not bought it because I do not like the product. 

I noticed peer pressure is very present in adult life.  Honestly, if you don't respect me and corner me into peer pressure, I will say something.  I try not to "rock the boat" but when I am cornered I'll really speak my mind.  If it's peer pressure on something I really disagree with, I won't give in.  I'll flat out say no.  I implore you do the same.  If you don't want to do something, PLEASE, find a way out of the situation.  Don't feel bad in saying no.  If you saying no offends someone, then maybe they're thinking of only themselves.  You have feelings that are valid and should be respected.  Don't let yourself be disrespected by letting the other "friends" push you into what you don't want.  *If I'm with you and you are being pressured into something you don't want to do, I'll back you up, promise, especially if it's something you feel uncomfortable about!*  They aren't really interested in your feelings if your "friend(s)" are pushing you to do something you have zero interest in.  Maybe it's time for new friends?... 

Say you're debating on doing something, weigh it out, ask opinions--it's a good idea!  Someone tells you to go ahead and do it, because you really want to do it but still unsure--as long as it's a safe thing!, go ahead and try it. 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and keep watching my blog next Saturday for the next blog!  Don't forget to leave comments and watch me on Facebook!  Tell your friends to read my blogs!


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