Hard Candy Eye Shadow Top Ten Palette Review

In my search of finding a cheap eye shadow palette, I spotted some Hard Candy products in Walmart a few weeks ago.  I didn't have the money to buy them all at the time so I waited until I returned some products I didn't like.  I didn't realize even if the products were from Walmart, I had $67.00 USD in returned products!  I didn't bring the receipts but I got a shopping card.  Walmart didn't loose any money and neither did I.  I will just buy makeup products with that money and if there is something I don't like, I will return it and have the money put back on my shopping card. 

I was thinking of buying the Urban Decay Naked palette back when I bought the Tarte Limited Edition box set.  I want to find a dupe for Urban Decay but I doubt I'll find anything for it.  I hope for Christmas this year I'll have some money left over, I am being very frugal with my money, and buy BOTH the original and new Naked Palette.  So here's what I bought of Hard Candy

Product #1
Hard Candy Top Ten:  Pinking of You
Purchase:  www.walmart.com
Price:  $6.00 USD

I know we all own those pretty "pinky" eye shadow colors that seem to do NOTHING for you.  I always feel like it's a waste of money to buy the pink colors because they always turn up too pink on me or purple.  So I look like I have rubbed my eyes too much or just look silly with it on.  I was really impressed in how cute the colors were in the palette itself.  I thought:  Well if it doesn't work out, I can just return it.  I hate returning items but if you want to save your hard earned money, you gotta do it!  I picked it put bought it with the other two palettes I purchased.  I didn't use this one at first but when I used it, I was very unsure how pigmented it would be.  I found it difficult to tell how much color was on my brush when I was trying to use this.  I noticed that just a little bit of color can go a long way.

I always use a primer, I recently started to use the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer:  Sin.  I like that it's got a good color to it and that it makes your shadow last so much longer with none to very little creasing.  I put this on top of my primer.  Instead of sweeping it over, I used my brush to pat it on.  I had to use two layers but it was well worth it.  I haven't use all the colors in the palette but what I've used so far I really do like!  This one is a keeper.

Product #2
Hard Candy Top Ten:  Smoke Out
Purchase:  www.walmart.com
Price:  $6.00 USD

I have been trying to stay away from the glittery colors but I found they seem to make your eyes look prettier.  Again with this palette I did have some difficultly seeing how much product was on the brush.  I am happy to say with this one, a little color is all you need.  I was trying to buy palettes with colors I don't have but these colors are very similar to the Kat Von D True Romance:  Poetica

I love purples and they look really nice on me but I have to mix it up right?  I probably own more purple eye shadows because I keep forgetting I own them and am drawn to these kind of palettes like a moth to the light!  Anyways I was impressed with the color pay off with this Hard Candy eye shadow palette too.  I'll keep this one as well.  I did the same as I did with pink colors, I used a patting motion instead of sweeping it on.  The color pay off is much better and less fall out.  I hope to be brave enough to try out the matte black color too.  I have enough sparkly blacks and so I need a matte black.

Product #3
Hard Candy Top Ten:  Naturally Gorgeous
Purchase:  www.walmart.com
Price:  $6.00 USD

I used this one first and thought it might be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  I was seriously mistaken.  Urband Decay's colors are much browner and neutral colors.  These colors look pretty in the packaging but when you use them, they're very gold toned.  I think the two left colors are the only ones I liked.  The rest were very gold based and not neutral enough for me.  I was really disappointed when I tried these colors out.  I think I'll save up to buy the Urban Decay Naked Palette, both of them!, for myself after Christmas.  I will be returning this item along with a $22.00 USD product I reviewed before, so this will help buy me other products I'll like! 

Sometimes it's better to buy the expensive products because they have the quality and what you are looking for.  Finding a dupe is often difficult because they have a different chemical makeup however you can find one that has the right consistency and you can be happy with it.  In the future I will keep my receipts but I found having a store credit card isn't so bad.

Stay tuned for next weeks review!



  1. product #2 YEESSSSS!!!! I use it everyday, and would recomend it!


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