Lancome Gift Bag Products

A few weeks back I got a flyer in the mail saying I could get a free makeup bag of makeup if I bought at least $35.00 USD worth of their products.  I bought my mom mascara and kept the samples.  You select which products you want, there are a few where you can choose. 

The eye shadow palette differs from what I got and I didn't get the mascara, I own too many mascaras as it already is.  I am very happy with the samples I got and I intend to buy a few of the products larger sizes later.  I had a choice of the color of the bag, black or purple.  I chose purple.  Here is the list of products I chose for my bag!

Product #1
Renergie Lift Multi-Action
Purchase at: or or or your local makeup counter
Price:  0.5 oz $68.00 USD  1.7 oz $92.00 USD

This face cream is really nice.  I don't have to use much and it keeps my face moisturized for hours.  I like the smell and the way it goes on.  It also doesn't make my makeup look greasy either.  I like how it's made my scars heal up too.  I can't wait to buy another jar of this!  It's much more expensive than what I normally buy but it's really worth it.

Product #2
Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector (Wrinkles, Pores, Eveness)
Purchase at: or or or your local makeup counter
Prices as following for size of product: 
0.67 oz $67.00 USD 
1.0 oz $87.00 USD
1.7 oz $105.00 USD
3.4 oz $15.00 USD

I liked this because my pores on my nose are HUGE.  I bought those nose strips to clean out the nasty sebum (which comes from the fatty secretion of the sebaceous glands) that collects in there.  I noticed how much longer my nose stays clean when I used the brand I got from Sephora, Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips.  I think with a combination of using the nose strips and this product, my pores are smaller, the scars are going away faster and my tone is much more even.  I think using the BB Creams that I bought have also helped improve my complexion. 

Product #3
Teint Miracle Foundation in Buff 4
Purchase at: or or or your local makeup counter
Price:  $39.00 USD at Lancome  $44.00 USD at Sephora

Since I started using BB Creams, I have stopped using a lot of foundation.  I dislike how foundations are too heavy or too sheer and tends to make your skin tone more uneven than it was before.  I started wearing foundation at age twelve (12).  My mom got me foundation from Clinique.  I have to say I never cared for Clinique foundation because it would turn orange after a few months.  This foundation is really nice.  I didn't like the color they chose to my skin tone, it seemed a little too dark for me.  I tend to buy a lighter color than my skin tone, maybe a shade or two lighter.  It felt nice going on and stays on for much longer than most foundations for me.  I was at home and noticed the color seemed a tiny bit too dark for me.  I may be just used to seeing myself lighter colored, even with the BB Creams I prefer maybe Buff 2 or 3.  I would like to buy this product but in a color lighter.

Product #4
Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover
Purchase at: or or or your local makeup counter
Price:  $27.00 USD

I tried this product out a few time.  I used to use olive oil to remove my makeup but it seemed a little to greasy for me.  It did work for me and I liked the results but it was really hard to wipe off the extra oil from my face.  I bought a generic brand makeup remover from Wal-Mart and found it worked quite well for a generic brand.  I was very interested in trying this product for the eyes since I have plenty of mascaras that I like.  I heard a lot of good reviews from this product and I really wanted to try it out for myself.  I put on a lot of heavy makeup one day and was excited to wipe it all off with this.  *Note to self:  I need to buy more cotton pads to use with this!*  I loved how easy this was to use, you have to shake it to mix the solution, and it didn't feel greasy and was easy to wipe on and off.  It also doesn't leave that residue feeling on your eyes either.  I didn't have to wipe too often to get the makeup off either, which is ALWAYS a bonus!  Trick to removing eye makeup is to hold the cotton pad on the area for a few moments then GENTLY slide off the cotton pad.  Word to the wise, PLEASE gently wipe the eye area. You can stretch the skin and do all kinds of damage so keep your eyes pretty and be gentle with them okay? 

So I would buy this again when I run out!

Product #5
Color Design Lip Stick in "It Girl" Sheen
Purchase at: or or or your local makeup counter
Price:  $22.00 USD

I am not a lipstick fan.  I am also not a lip gloss fan.  I find lipsticks tend to dry your lips out.  Lip gloss gets gooy and sticky.  Heaven forbid if your hair gets into it!  I used to use the Lipbutters, which are a light colored lip stain color.  They kept your lips from drying out.  This lipstick is sheer colored but really pretty.  It doesn't dry my lips out like Revlon lip stick did.  I like that it's a natural color and that it's a Lancome product!  I may even try to buy another lip stick from them.

Bonus Product
Product #6
Color Design Ombre Mono Effects Sensationnels

Colors from Top Left to Bottom Right:
  • Kitten Heel (shimmer)
  • Latte (matter)
  • Backstage Pass (intense)
  • Exhibition (sheen)
I can't seem to find this in the regular line of eye shadow palettes.  I think this one is just special because of the give away.  As you can tell I have used it and I really did like the colors.  Lancome has the best colors for the big name brand company. 

I love Lancome products.  I never would have bought any had I not started watching Michelle Phan.  I loved watching her videos and it helped me learn how to put on makeup properly.  I dislike how expensive Lancome is but their products are of good quality and if you use it regularly it will help your skin.  As well I don't run out of a product very often, it takes along time to use it up if you use a small amount.  Remember:  less is more!  You don't have to drown your skin in large quantities of face cream.  Put a thin layer on then "pat" it into your skin to help it absorb.  Also use the serums BEFORE your moisturizers.  Wait till it's "dry" then put your face cream on.

Until next Saturday I hope everyone has a fantastic week!



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