Nail Polish Testing

Nail polish testing...

I usually don't paint my nails.  For the last few years I kept them fairly short.  Long nails kept getting in my way.  I usually would scratch myself or one of them breaks or snags so I clip them totally short.  I didn't have the patience to paint them because the polish would chip and I felt like it was a waste of time to do my nails.  Back in May of this year, I had smashed my finger in a door jam and the nail was bruised. 

Here is the progression of the nail damage:

Day 1

A few weeks later...

Sometime in August or September

It hurt so bad I didn't know what to say.  All I could think of was "ow, this hurts".  I tried to soak my finger in icy water so it wouldn't swell up too bad.  Let's just say I was thankful I didn't need to get it drained.  I'm happy to say it healed up nicely and the rest of the nail is growing out.  I did that back in May and it FINALLY started to grow out in August or early September.  I was going to a wedding in September so I was happy I could have normal looking nails for the wedding.  The nail began to chip at the bottom of the bruise and fell off.  It was VERY unattractive looking for awhile so I carefully scrapped it off and cleaned out the dried blood and the old nail.  It took awhile for the nail to grow in normal after that but I was able to buff the nail so it was leveled.  It still has a strange "bump" in the middle but I hope that will grow out soon.

After this incident, I was happy to grow my nails out so I could enjoy them.  I wanted to buy new polish so here are the few I recently purchased.

Product #1
Revlon:  340 Stunning
Purchase: or your local drug store
Price:  $3.97 USD

I was looking for a nice pretty glittery nail polish.  I saw this one and thought it would be really glittery.  I tried it when I got home and was a little disappointed.  The color was pretty on the nails as well as in the bottle.  It wasn't very dense in glitter.  It was too sparse.  I did like that there's the blue hue to the glitter but just not enough to make it worth the money.  I'll keep it since it's the color I want but you can't put on too many layers. 

Product #2
Equate:  Nail Polish Remover Pads
Price:  $2.00 USD

My mom showed me these.  I used to use the nail polish remover that you put your fingers into the jar and you move your fingers up and down on the sponge.  That's annoying and I don't like soaking my fingers in nail polish remover.  My mom had some of these and I thought why not try them.  I really liked this better than the jar!  It was eaiser and I was able to use just one pad to take off the polish from both hands. 

I'd like to try this version of it but all that was being sold was the equate brand.

Product #3
O.P.I.: Better
Price:  $8.50

I haven't tried an O.P.I. nail polish in a long time, or ever.  I went to Ulta and they were on sale.  I got one and the second half off.  I thought I'd try this and put it on today.  It looks pretty and shiny. 

It ended up looking like this on my nails.  I don't think it's too bad looking.  I didn't clean up the cuticles yet but that will wash off soon.  So O.P.I. polish isn't too bad!

Product #4
Essie: #958 Set in Stone
Purchase: or or
Price:  $7.75 USD
I liked this one because there's WAY more glitter in the polish.  It's very concentrated so putting it on is a slow process.  You should put it on in thin layers then build it up as it dries.  This was pretty but HARD to take off.  I love Essie polish, they're so pretty!

Product #5
Essie: #954 A Cut Above
Purchase: or or
Price:  $7.75 USD

This one is just like the silver polish.  It's really a nice pink color that was so shiny.  Loved it!!!

Product #6
Nutra Nail:  Speed Dry Top Coat with Green tea Antioxidants
Price:  $ 4.98 USD

I really wanted to try a top coat that would dry faster.  You do have to let the nail polish become tacky and almost dry.  Then you can put this on and it won't transfer the color to this colorless polish.  It doesn't help protect your nails but it does help speed up the time of waiting for it to dry! 

I hope to make more time to do my nails and keep them looking nice.  It's another creative outlet to paint your nails in different designs and also just to do something nice for yourself.  So I'll post some new photos of my nails with the different colors I have mentioned above.  I also bought a few new colors this last week that I haven't tried out yet but I hope to this weekend.

Until next time!



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