Cheap products and a Few Pinterest Ideas

With Christmas season upon us, trying to buy stuff for the family is never easy.  I have built myself a budget to spend but this year is more difficult than last year.  My sister and her husband adopted a sweet little baby boy!  He's so cute that I just want to buy everything I see that he might like.  So for me to do any more blogs I finished up shopping for him, no more shopping for Munchkin...  And my budget for the rest of my family is where it always is.  I think I'll have to find creative ways to wrap their "gifts".  Gifts in our family are cash or gift cards. 

So this week's blog is going to be all about being cheap!

Product #1
Wet N Wild Lipstick in Retro Pink
Purchase:  Local Walmart
Price:  $1.00 USD

Wet N' Wild lip sticks are very cheap, very pigmented and actually stay on your lips!  I was very impressed with this one in particular.  I haven't used Wet N' Wild products very much but this one really surprised me.  I have another lip stick from this line and I was impressed with it as well.  The color pay is excellent and it stays on.  It does fade and stick to a cup but you don't have to reapply too much of the product.  I wore this lipstick for about 12 hours and I had to reapply it twice through the day.  It didn't get on my teeth but then again I'm really careful with that.  I'd suggest this line of lip stick for someone who wants a trendy colored lipstick but you don't want to spend a lot of money on lip sticks. 

Product #2
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Classic Ivory Light 1
Price:  $7.94 USD

Ever since I started using BB Cream I decided to not bother with foundation.  I had heard about this foundation and the suggestion was not to use it if you have oily skin.  I wanted to try it even so.  I tried it out a couple of weeks ago and found it stayed on my face without primer on!  I was very impressed that it stayed on that long with my greasy face!  It was on my face for 12 hours.  I would recommend this for any skin type.  You have to try it on your own skin and let me know!

A con about this is that if you have any dry patches on your skin, it probably will show the dry patches if you look in the mirror closely.  All makeup will eventually settle into your skin exaggerating the pores and wrinkles.  The most important thing is to find one that won't do it so noticeably. This one didn't look terrible but it's good NOT to have dry patches on your face. 

Product #3
Clarisonic Mia
Price:  $119.00 USD

My sister bought this for my mom and me one Christmas.  I love this product.  It helps keep my skin from having those nasty dry patches and I really don't break out like I used to when I use this regularly. 

You are suppose to replace the head of the Clarisonic.  They aren't cheap but you only do that every three months.  I have only changed it once.  I keep it in the shower and let it dry and clean out when I use it.  If you care for it properly it should work well and be just like the first time you used it.

To charge the Clarisonic you click the charger onto the bottom of the handle.  It takes a few hours to recharge.  I use mine till it doesn't work anymore.  On those days I just use an exfoliation scrub.  But it is important no matter what age you are to exfoliate your skin!

Pinterest my arch enemy.....

Pinterest is a new friend of mine.  I see all these cool ideas of how to fold sheets better and also how to store those pesky plastic bags you get from the grocery store.  I hate being attacked by plastic bags.  I saw this in another blog of a mom who really made things so much easier!  How to store plastic bags in a plastic container.

You take your plastic bags and flatten them out like they were when they're brand new.  Then fold them hot dog length.  Then you line about 12 bags together, from back end to handles.  *I also fix the handles so they're nice and flat.*  You begin to roll them up into a bundle.  The mom used an empty and clean Lysol canister.  I actually used an empty canister for crackers that I bought from The Container Store. 

I didn't do it exactly like how she showed, I did it backwards so I'll have to fix the containers. 

Pros:  It's easy to fold the plastic bags when you get home and just store them flattened out.  When you need to add more plastic bags to your container, it's easy, you just unfold them a little, line them up and start rolling!  I found that it really does save space and I am not finding rouge bags where I need them.  I have one container in the laundry room and one under my sink.  I'm going to make one for my parents so they can have one too.  So much easier to deal with than being attacked by a large bag of plastic bags!!! 

Cons:  It can be time consuming if you have too many to fold and roll.  Tip:  do a little at once and do it when you get home so it's less when you have to sit down and fix about 50 of those bad boys...  You should make sure the container doesn't have nasty teeth that'll tear your bag.  If you do, cut them out but just beware.

What else have I learned from Pinterest?  Way too much.  I love going through the humor stuff and the women's fashion.  I even pin my own stuff!

Here's one that I found recently that shocked me but explained about why you get blemishes in certain areas on your face!

I hope Christmas will be a joyful time for you, your family, and friends.  I will be taking next week off for Christmas but I will be back in time for New Years.  There will be no updates on the 22nd but I hope to post an update for the 29th for New Years. 

Everyone stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!



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