Happy New Years!

I love New Years.  I also hate it.  I don't think I've ever had a boyfriend at New Years who lived close to me so we could go out and celebrate with friend.  I wrote to Santa asking for a husband this year.  I asked for a boyfriend last year and I got a boyfriend but as you all can tell, it didn't work out.  But anyways I have faith I'll meet Mr. Right sometime soon!

So onto New Years Do's and Don'ts!

As we all know New Years brings in so many festive parties.  It can range form a company party to a family or friends party.  There'll be TONS of food and TONS of booze!  What is a party without good food?  I mean that'd be the lamest party ever!!!  So if you are hosting a party, make sure you have lots of good food!  If you are invited to a party, eat before you go if you have a strict diet or allergy.  I found it is a DON'T to request certain foods to a party, unless you are super close to the host and are helping with the food.  Then you probably can get away with your specialty food.  If not, eat before you go and just be polite, not a snob!

And now we come to the alcohol party.  Please make a plan if you intend to drink.  Do yourself a HUGE favor:  Have a designated driver (DD), a phone number for a taxi have safe place to crash, or don't drink and drive!  Too many people are arrested around the holidays through out the year for DWI/DUI or sometimes BWI/BUI!  *Boating while Intoxicated or Boating Under the Influence!*  PLEASE make a plan for yourself so you don't end up in jail this year.  That'd be the crappiest way to spend a new year!  So do yourself a HUGE favor in saving yourself TONS of money for the new year and the next few, don't drink and drive.

One of my coworkers showed me an app for our iPhones called "Taxi Magic".  There's also an app for the andriod.  But either way, have a number for a taxi listed in your phone.  As well, make sure your friends are safe too.  If you are hosting a party, let people know they are welcome to stay or send them in a taxi.  

Have a glass plate/bowl for keys for people who intend to stay at your place.  Lock it up after a certain hour so they can't drive home.  Getting a ticket for public intoxication is a lesser charge than a DWI/DUI.  It's still not good, but please try to keep yourselves safe!

If you do drink, also alternate with water.  Alcohol will dry your body out, bloat your face and you'll have the worst hang over EVER.  Do yourself a HUGE favorite, drink lots of water with the alcoholic drinks you have.  Suggestion:  take a sip of your alcoholic drink, then two small gulps of water.  This will help your body from having to process all the alcohol in a large dose and also you, hopefully, won't feel so terrible.  As well, please eat before you drink.  The food, for most people, will absorb the alcohol and it won't make you so sleepy/crazy/drunk...  

If I do anything for New Years I'll let you all know!  But these are just my suggestions for keeping safe this New Years!  

Happy 2013!  The next thing we'll be celebrating is the Chinese New Year, January 23rd, the year of the SNAKE!



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