O.P.I. Nail Varnish: James Bond Collection

I forgot to edit this blog entry and it uploaded.  I think in my delusion of Thanksgiving I thought I had already finished this entry.  Unfortunately I did not.  So here are the products of the week!  By the way I purchased all of these at my local Ulta store.

Product #1
Golden Eye
Price:  $8.50 USD

This nail polish is very glittery and very gold.  I like how gold it becomes when you add a second or third layer.  It is difficult to clean off but the color is amazing.  It really reminds me of the movie itself.  I am very impressed with the O.P.I. line and I think this color is good alone or with another polish.

Product #2
Casino Royal
Price:  $8.50 USD

I loved both this color and Skyfall.  They look similar but this one is more of a wine color, Skyfall is more of a true red color.  I also used the matte nail polish on top of this to show the difference in colors.  I was very impressed with the matte polish because it made the color matte for a few days however it did get shiney during the next few days.  I was in love with the color, what a great fall/winter color!  I loved this movie as well. 

Product #3
Price:  $8.50 USD

My co-worker suggested to use scotch tape instead of the nail guards you buy in the store.  They worked out so much nicer and better!  I was very impressed.  You will have to reshape the tape, I'll do a whole blog on that with photos, to make the curve for your nails.  Skyfall was an amazing movie, it was very long, but it was a great Bond movie.  It had some great twist and turns but like many spy movies, you kind of figure things out after awhile.  I did enjoy the movie and I loved this nail look too.  It was so easy and fun to do. 

Product #4
The Spy Who Loved Me
Price:  $8.50 USD

I love red nail polish!  I own so many of them I need to make sure I am updated on them.  This one has small pieces of glitter in it.  I liked how pretty it was and looked really nice going on.  Because of the Christmas season is upon us, I wanted to try to do a candy cane look.  It wasn't nearly as easy as it looked on Pinterest but I had fun doing it.  It took me several tries to get it like this and even this isn't that great.  I was too impatient to get the white polish to dry that it was sitll tacky when I put the scotch tape on to use to make the lines for the red stripes.  I'll try this look again and post a better photo.  But I loved the red color, so pretty! 

Product #5
China Glaze in White On White
Price:  $7.50 USD

This is the white polish I used in the above photo with the color The Spy Who Loved Me.  I havne't tried China Glaze before but I was impressed in how nice it went on.  White polish tends to be either too thin or too thick.  This was on the thin side but it it's a buildable color and also it wasn't too streaky when I used it on my nails. 

Product #6
Maybeline Color Show White Porceline
Purchase at:  Local Drug Store
Price:  $2.49 USD

This nail polish was probably the WORST polish I have ever used.  It was so streaky and also way too thin.  I tried to build up the color a few times but it didn't do very well.  I was happy with how cheap it was but it wasn't worth the money at all.  I have a few more of these colors to try out maybe it's just because it's a white polish, we'll find out.  But in the mean time, this product is going back to the store!

I am enjoying trying out new nail polish colors and designs.  I'll be back with more nail colors as well as how I do the french tips with scotch tape!

Until nex time,


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