Japanese KitKat

Today's excerpt is about KitKats.  I am sure everyone is aware of the chocolate ones we find in North American super markets.  I've seen the traditional chocolate and in the recent years a white chocolate one.  Over seas the candies are different.  They have different flavors that aren't available readily here but you probably can buy them on Amazon.com or in an ethnic super market.

So I was watching Eatyourkimchi where they ate green tea flavored KitKats.  Uhm ew?...  Don't get me wrong, I like green tea but not as a flavored candy.  I don't think I could really handle that.  

So I was in my local H-Mart, the Korean Super market.  It also carried a variety of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and some other ethnic items.  I saw these KitKats when I first walked in.  They were $5.99 USD for each bag.   Each bag contains 13 mini Kitkats in their tiny wrappers.  I got the strawberry and dark chocolate flavors.  

Strawberry Flavored KitKat

For the record, I love strawberries and most strawberry flavored candies.  This was good BUT, it tasted too sweet and very artificial flavored.  It also had a yogurt flavor too.  It wasn't terrible but too sweet for me.  I'd recommend these to people who like very sweet fruity flavored candies.  I prefer chocolate...

Dark Chocolate Flavored KitKat

I actually LOVE dark chocolate more than milk chocolate.  It has a bitter flavor that has a bite to it.  I actually prefer dark chocolate for any candy than milk chocolate.  I think because I don't like the sweet after taste.  These are excellent KitKats for someone like me.

These KitKats are just like the North American type.  They have the same texture and crispiness.  The only difference is the flavors.

Would I buy them again?  I'd probably buy the dark chocolate ones but not he strawberry flavor.  It was a good experiment for $5,99 USD for a bag.  Not a bad little treat.

So that concludes my entry for today!

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