Happy 2016!

Happy 2016 Everyone!

I hope everyone's holidays were better than mine.  My entire family, well except my dad, were sick.  My mom, my sister, her son, her husband, AND me...  I got sick two days before Christmas and ended up calling in sick on Christmas Eve Day.  I didn't want to but I woke up about 0230 and was like:  If I don't feel any better in half an hour, I am not going in.  By 0300 rolled around, I didn't feel good after I woke up a little bit.  So I was in bed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It was worth it.  I was able to celebrate Boxing Day with my boyfriend.

Yes Boxing Day....  But I was able to celebrate with my family, once everyone was feeling better, on the 29th.  Yes Christmas was postponed so often it was really funny.  So my nephew, who is now three and half, was excited to open his gifts.  His first gift he opened was Mister Potato Head.  Unfortunately, he was not impressed with him at first.  His first response was:  I DON'T LIKE THIS!!!  I wish I had recorded his expression because it was really really funny!  His disdainful look was priceless.  He had that, what the heck is this, look on his face.  We all tried really hard NOT to laugh at him but it was really really really funny.  Later he did enjoy playing with Mister Potato Head.

I had bought my nephew this HUGE stocking from Hobby Lobby when he was born.  It's really big.  I fit all his gifts into the stocking and have always joked about taking a photo of him in the stocking.  He obliged me and we took some hilarious photos of him in his stocking.  Speaking of photos, my parents wanted a family photo of us.  So I brought out my good Nikon and the camera tripod.  My nephew kept asking what it was.  As I took it out, he was impressed that the legs would expand.  He exclaimed:  It's growing!!!  Of course you take several photos so you can choose which photo you want.  We got the best photo on the first try.  The other ones, at least one person looked weird.  One photo caught my nephew playing with his mom's hair.  He's got a handful of her hand in his little hand.  He's smiling really big thought...  Silly boy!

For New Years Eve, my boyfriend and I spent it together.  He cooked dinner, very simple food, then we went into the city and walked around the area that the huge live Christmas tree was.  It was really big.  It's probably not as big as Time Square but still, REALLY BIG!!  I have lived in the area for 30 years and I have NEVER gone into the city at Christmas time, never had a reason to.  So this was a first for me.  This tree made me feel even more like a shorty.  I'm already short as it is, let's feel even smaller!!!  I noticed the tree had a large section where the branches weren't long anymore.  The photo my boyfriend took was nicer, we were on the side of the tree where it was fuller looking.  It's a live tree so I guess missing branches are common.  I've never had a real tree at Christmas before, only fake trees.

So after New Years Day, we took down our Christmas decorations and packed them away for this year.  On New Years Day my boyfriend and I tried out this Korean barbecue restaurant.  It was amazing!!  I've had Korean barbecue before but this restaurant is pretty cool.  They have a buffet of all kinds of foods.  All the cold foods were cold, all the hot foods were hot.  The raw meat to cook on the stove in the table was excellent.  We also ordered some meat from the kitchen which was amazing.  All the food trays were full and never empty or close to empty.  Everything looked fantastic.  My boyfriend tried some of the marinated squid.  He could have it, I don't like squid at all....  We had LA Galbi, bulgogi, pork, pork chops, beef brisket, and a ton of other great food.  We left very full and satisfied.  I think this is my new favorite Korean barbecue restaurant.

So I have filmed a video, I'm learning how to edit it so I can try to upload it to www.youtube.com.  I'd love to start filming videos and maybe gain some more viewers.  In the future, I'd like to become a professional blogger and make real money out of it.  Currently I am not making any money or very little, hence the advert on the blog.  I'd like to do this so when I do get married and start a family, I can still work but on my own time and from home.  My current job would work okay but I feel I'd miss out on a lot of the younger years and also end up sending my baby to day care.  :-(  This I would like to avoid but only in a perfect work.  So that's my new projects for the year, besides trying to write more entries here.

Maybe someday a company will really like my blog about their products and sponsor me!  OMG that'd be amazing.  I could get paid for entries from a good company like Maybelline!  Anyways have a great start of the year and keep up with your new ideas that you plan to do!

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Until next time, stay beautiful!



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