Urban Decay Palettes and Hello Kitty Wild Thing Palette

If anyone remembers when I was looking for a dupe set of eye shadows for the Naked or Naked 2 palette will remember my review on this palette from Hard Candy Eye Shadow Palette Review:

In my nicest tone, I really really disliked this palette.  I was very disappointed in the colors and only liked two of the colors.  I didn't think I need a whole palette of colors that I didn't even care for.  This was not a good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palettes. 

I found a $100.00 USD gift card in my wallet from last Christmas.  I had been saving it for something else.  I finally went to Ulta and bought BOTH the Naked and Naked 2 palettes.  I am so glad I made that purchase!  I never thought I'd buy them on my own but the gift card really made the difference.  I just paid the rest of it with another gift card and the rest in cash.  I bought the white nail polish from China Glaze.  I am excited to use the palettes, I've only used them a couple of times. 

As you can tell, they did repeat some of the colors but not many.  This was the best photo I found on www.google.com to display the colors.  The top palette is the Naked 2 and the bottom palette is the original Naked palette.  The names Urban Decay chooses are hilarious.  Booty call, Half Baked, Maui Wowie, and a few others always make me giggle! 

Product #1
Urban Decay Nake Palette
Purchase:  www.ulta.com  www.sephora.com  www.urbandecay.com  www.amazon.com
Price:  $50.00 USD

The original Naked palette that came with a tiny sized Urban Decay Primer Potion.  This is the original primer potion color.  I thought it was so cute being so small!  I liked that it matches your skin tone unlike the other primer potions.  I am disappointed that Urban Decay moved from this primer potion bottle to the squeeze tubes.  I feel the squeeze bottles use too much product but they are more sanitary than these sponge applicators. 

I love the colors they chose for the palette.  I have done one eye shadow look but I didn't bother to take a photo of it, goofy me.  I loved the colors but I chose the lightest colors because I am a little afraid of going into the darker colors.  I stayed mainly on the left side of the palette to try the light colors out.  I liked them so much!  I do have to experiment with the darker colors and I promise to do an update on this palette and with some photos!

This product is worth it's $50.00 USD.  It seems like alot of money to pay up front, but if you save like $10.00 USD each week from your expenses, like go without one latte from Starbucks each week for about a month, you will be able to purchase it.  I wanted to buy both together so I could mix and match the colors.  I almost bought this when I bought the Tarte box set.  I have to do more with that palette too!

Product #2
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Purchase:  www.ulta.com  www.sephora.com  www.urbandecay.com  www.amazon.com
Price:  $50.00 USD

This palette comes with a lip gloss that plumps up your lips.  I didn't realize what it was until I put it on.  I noticed my lips were tingling, but not in a "oh my this hurts!!" feeling.  It felt cool and very refreshing.  I don't like Icy Hot, hate it actually.  So this felt really nice on my lips.

The double ended brush looks really nice and works, okay.  I think I prefer the Sonia Kashuk brushes I buy at Target!  They're cheap and hold up fairly well for the price.  As well I see some of the beauty gurus on www.youtube.com like to use them. 

There are about two or three colors that were repeated from the original Naked palette.  I did like having the black eye shadow.  I may return the Infalible eye shadow that's a black sparkle-ly color if I like this one better!  Again I laugh at the names of the eye shadows. 

I did do a makeup look with these colors.  The lipstick I used was from Wet N Wild called Retro Pink.  I got it from Walmart and it was only $1.00 USD.  It matched my shirt and then I bought these super cute pink shoes from Arie for $17.00 USD.  They were $40.00 USD and on sale for $20.00.  The girl in the store gave me a 20% coupon.  So heck yes I'll get these silly pink shoes with glitter toes!  The foundation is Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Porceline Ivory Light 1. 

Product #3
Urban Decay Feminine Palette
Purchase:  www.ulta.com  www.sephora.com  www.urbandecay.com  www.amazon.com
Price:  $36.00 USD

I bought this because it wasn't $50.00 USD.  I L-O-V-E Urban Decay eye shadows.  This one is really cute colors.  I used these colors for when I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2.  I was so disappointed with that movie.  But I liked these colors!  The lip gloss is the same kind as the other one from the Naked 2 palette.  It's a different color but I loved how it looked on me.

Product #4
Hello Kitty Wild Things Palette
Purchase:  www.sephora.com
Price:  $49.00 USD *Discount $34.00 USD  Worth over $200.00 USD!!!

While I was in Sephora buying my sister's birthday gift, I saw this.  I thought it was so cute!!!  The tin box is really nice and so is the mirror.  The container for the actual eye shadows is this thin, flimsy plastic.  How disappointing!  The colors look really cute and dark.  I'll do an eye shadow look for this soon. 

Product #5
Sephora Heated Eye Lash Curler
Purchase:  www.sephora.com
Price;  $16.00 USD

Sephora gave me a $15.00 USD off a purchase of $50.00 or more.  I was more than happy to buy something to try a new gadget out and return it or swap it out for something else if I end up not liking it.  I like the button to show you it's turned on.  Also the plastic sponge thingy that heats up and curls your lashes turns from pink to white when it sheats up.  What do I not like about it?  The spring to push the curler up is very stiff.  It might be just this one but it's very hard for me to do my left eye and push up.  I don't feel that it heats up enough to make a difference with my lashes.  I'll try it a few more times to really give it a try.  Maybe let it heat up for a few more minutes so it's nice and warm.  I don't like that it uses batteries.  I used it once and it must have gotten turned on becaues the batteries were dead the next day!  So I have to lay it facing up so the button doesn't get pushed.  The button feels flimsy and cheap.  It's a pretty color and all but it really is cheaply made and seems like it would break easy.  I think I'll be returning this here soon.

I will have one more blog before Christmas and I will be taking a week off for Christmas.  I'll post again on the 29th for New Years.  I'll share what I bought or what I got for Christmas this year in my return blog.

Everyone have a festive and safe week!


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